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Surf Ontario carries the widest range of stand up paddle boards and surfboards in Ontario.

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Coreban, SUPlove, Blu Wave, Libtech, Jimmy Styks, NSP, Rusty, Walden, 7S, McTavish, Element NSP, Modern, Firewire, Lost, 404, Riviera, Surf Betty,  Haydenshapes, Stewart, DHD, Channel Islands, Boga and many more brands

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Riviera NSP Elements Adventure Wetsuits

Wetsuits, Booties

and gloves

Clothing, Shoes, Sunglasses, etc


SUP specific accessories

SUP Accessories

All Board accessories

General accessories

Books and DVDs


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Tue - Thu: 11:00 - 19:00

Fri: 12:00 - 19:00

Sat: 11:00 - 17:00

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100 Sunrise Ave,

Toronto, ON, M4A 1B3

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Join Surf Ontario for a fun day in the surf.  

Use whatever board you like, longboard, fish, shortboard, stand up paddleboard and show us what you’ve got! -

Vissla Clearouts, Specials and Deals Rogue Indo Board

We have the full range of Indo Boards - boards,

carpets and more

Stephanie Gilmore gives us the secret to her quiver in this installment of the ASP Board Breakdown at the ASP 2014 Quicksilver Pro / Roxy Pro.

Wetsuit Guide

So you want to surf through the winter. Check our recommendations list for each time of the year - >> click here

Still not sure contact the store or drop in.

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New Roxy Outdoor stock has arrived in store - click here

We have these on route from the shaper.

We have a number of these in the shaping bay and they will be on route. Pre-order if you wish. A couple have been taken already.

SUPERbrand is on route from shaper - more details here